Our Team


We are proud of our team and the skill and talent they represent. We are a salon for seasoned professionals and fresh talent. We hail from many different locales and walks of life. Don't feel shy about trying a new stylist, we operate as a family here. 



Vanessa Perez

I’m a local! I was born and raised in Santa Fe and spent seven years in Los Angeles honing my skills as a cutting specialist. I attend classes regularly to stay up to date on the latest styles, techniques and styling products. These skills, in conjunction with my knowledge of different hair types, help me to create your best look. I am surprised by strong shapes, precision and change, but also love softness and fluidity.

Along with Angela Del Mar, I am also an educator in our assisting program. Participating in education keeps me inspired and fresh. It allows me to challenge myself and expand my concepts of what is possible with hair and with everyday life. I am extremely passionate about our craft, and teaching it humbles me and opens me to see things from fresh perspectives. I love to encourage and challenge our assistants and it is an honor to watch them succeed.

Not accepting New Clients at this time.



Julie Moss

I love my career! I started cutting hair when I was 12, earned my barber license at 17, and later became a cosmetologist. From 1981-1985 I was the personal stylist for St Louis Mayor Vincent Schoemel. During my career I have freelanced theater work for the Muny Opera, Talent Plus Model Agency, and The Girls of Kansas City Calendar.

In 1994 I became a color specialist/educator for Framise USA. While in Kansas City I owned and operated a unique salon and art space called One Block West Salon where we hosted exhibits of local artists. During my second year in Santa Fe I was honored to be selected by The New Mexican for their special make-over edition.
I love art and I consider myself an artist. Art and geometry are an integral part of what I do every day. Even after 30 years I am still excited about the creativity nature of my industry. I am very pleased to be using Davines superior color and products and to be joining the very talented and inspiring team at Salon Del Mar.

Not Accepting New Clients at this time.

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Bri Cimino

I grew up here in Santa Fe and began my career as a hairstylist in 2008. While attending the AVEDA Institute of Portland, I found my true love for the beauty industry. I enjoy creating a place where my clients can step away from their busy day and relax in my chair, knowing that they will be taken care of and leave feeling refreshed. My focus on my clients lifestyles, passions and daily routines allows me to create well-executed cuts that grow out gracefully, one of my greatest strengths. This knowledge and skill also serves in my ability to bring together the color, texture and dimension that will best compliment all the elements in a complete look.

I am honored to be part of the wonderful team at Salon Del Mar and to participate in the expression of beauty in this community.



Amanda Barry

I have always had a passion for hair! It was clear to me the very first time I worked behind the chair that is what I was born to do. My inspiration is rooted deeply in Santa Fe’s rich culture. I was born and raised in the city Different and I found myself expressing my creativity through various avenues that ultimately unified in beauty and hair. I was fortunate enough to train under master stylists Angela Del Mar and Vanessa Perez in a comprehensive apprenticeship program.

I am committed to continuing my education and advancing my skills to stay up to date with current cut, color and styling trends. My objective as a stylist is to create a solid foundation, which I can personalize for the client, allowing my artistic abilities to shine through. I pay particular attention to detail, and look forward to helping you achieve the look you desire.




Nazare Mondragon

From a young age I knew hair was my calling, as all my bald Barbies can attest. I was born and raised in New Mexico, attended Vogue in Santa Fe, but shortly after moved to Denver where I really grew as a stylist. I worked in a few great places with wonderful artists. I was at an AVEDA salon where the culture took root in me and I was able to express myself through hair. I then became an owner/operator of my own salon. Throughout my 20 years doing hair, I am constantly challenged, every day is a new day in hair. It is an ever changing art. I love all aspects of hair: cutting, coloring and styling and every age as well. I am grateful for the opportunity our clients give us to share in that first haircut, a fresh new color, a bold new haircut, the style for a special occasion, and the maintenance on the color and cut that allows you to be you.

At this time in my life I am inspired by simplicity, and enjoying the beauty in all moments. My eyes are drawn to the designs of clean lines or shredded edges, muted colors or bold splashes. I am inspired by someone being comfortable in their skin.




Jennifer McQuillan

I began my career in the hair and beauty industry 9 years ago at the VICI AVEDA Institute in my native city of Milwaukee, WI. Since my initial training at the institute I have constantly sought fresh new perspectives from professional continuing education. I have participated in courses across the U.S from New York to Seattle, (and many wonderful places in between). I strive to stay current and sharp in our ever-changing industry of hair and fashion.

The element of transformation is my biggest inspiration. I love to be able to work creatively and tangibly with elements of design, structure, color and the human experience to create a wearable work of art that allows my guests to feel refreshed, revived and renewed. Whether the change is a full color overhaul or a simple trim, my joy and inspiration is found in the way your hair makes you feel and the life you live in it.

I have expressed myself in the creative arts since I was a child, leaving no media unexplored. I feel my creative talents and personable skills of connecting are truly realized in the media of hair. I love my craft and I am so grateful to be able to share it in Santa Fe at Salon Del Mar.


stylist & davines educator

Jill McArthur

Keeping true to nature, I have spent the last seventeen years assisting clients to achieve effortless beauty in their hair and designing regimens suitable to their lefestyles. Since 2010, I’ve established myself as a senior stylist and educator at The Karcher, GreenPoint (Brooklyn) and as a member of the Davines Regional Artistic Team, where I am able to mentor and develop up and coming talent. By seeking out all levels of education, I’m able to bring back a wealth of knowledge to share with the salon team as well with clients.

It is my hope that I can provide my clients with any hair solutions they may need , as well as guide them through the changes of their hair story. In my new home here at Salon Del Mar , and with the support of Davines products and color services, I’m excited for the adventures in my years ahead.




Angela Del Mar & Kevin Wilson

Angela Del Mar: davines educator

I love our craft. I’m inspired by all kinds of beauty and the human spirit. My training has stretched from Florida to Seattle and Los Angeles to New York. 10 years ago Salon Del Mar was born and we have been blessed to work with very talented people, past and present.  The salon is a beautiful space we love and tend to daily. It’s warm and friendly and full of love, good music and beautiful hair. It makes me so happy! I’m originally from Florida and love to travel and experience different people and cultures. After my career had taken me all over the country, I settled in Santa Fe in 2008.

Through my commitment to continuous learning, as a salon we have been able to learn from, host and teach alongside highly skilled individuals from all over the world. Almost 30 years into my craft, mentoring and education have become my focus. Working alongside Davines, I’ve been learning how to teach both foundational and advanced cutting and color programs. I’m thrilled to be able to share these programs with stylists locally and all over the country.

Our desire as a Salon is to be a force for good for our staff, customers and community, and I’m so thankful to my husband Kevin for partnering with me in this endeavor.


Kevin Wilson:

I am the part owner and dual operator of Salon Del Mar. Alongside my wife, Angela, I manage customer service, marketing and the culture of the salon.

Born in Liverpool, England, I’m a passionate football (soccer!), art and music fan. After earning a degree in graphic design in England and working as a graphic and multi-media designer, I moved across the Atlantic to work in Southern California in the beauty industry, first in distribution, marketing, and graphic design, and later in education and sales. I have worked every aspect of the beauty industry short of cutting and coloring hair myself. Combining my visual communication skills with my penchant for hard work and cultivating working relationships, I thrived in customer service and management teams.

I met Angela soon after she moved to New Mexico from New York City and created Salon Del Mar. We have been running it together ever since. I have a natural gift for hospitality and showing people a good time and Itake pride in how we treat people. My belief that giving clients a warm and fuzzy experience when visiting the salon is of upmost importance and it can really make the difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience! I guide the front desk team to approach their work with passion, empathy and understanding.

Salon Del mar is a special place both for our staff and our clients, whether they come in every 4 – 8 weeks or twice a year. It is more than just a hair salon. It is a place of beauty and kindness.